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Glass Dictionary D

day tank: A furnace in which you melt and gather glass in the smae chamber. It is usually set to melt glass overnight.

decolorizer: A substance used to remove or offset the greenish or brownish color in glass that results from (1) iron impurities in the batch or (2) iron or other impurities in the pot or elsewhere in the production process.

depression glass: Inexpensive, machine-pressed American glassware made between about 1920 and 1950.

devitrification: The process by which molten glass is cooled too slowly and thereby becomes crystalline, with a milky appearance, and no longer able to be used as glass.

diatreta: See cage cup.

dichroic: Having the property of showing different colours when viewed by transmitted or reflected light.

dip mold: A cylindrical, one-piece mold that is open at the top so that the gather can be dipped into it and then inflated.

dolphin candlestick: A pressed glass candlestick with a stem in the form of a dolphin, originally made in New England between about 1840 and 1860.

draping: Shaping glass by heating it until it bends over a mold, under its own weight.

drawn stem: The stem of a drinking or serving vessel that is drawn out from the main gather rather than formed from a separate gather and then applied.

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