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How to Decorate Glass

When it comes to decorating glass you are limited only by your imagination. And since I'm sure your all right brainers out there there then you will have no problem in finding new and inventive ways to decorate glass.

When it comes to the tools of the trade you can either buy them or create your own. Our glass supplies link on the right will have some good places to find materials. But if your on a budget then try going to your local hardware store and start browsing the isles. You'l be amazed at all the things you can use as tools and stencils.

The list below is an introducion to some common glass decorating techniques. Hope you enjoy!

Cutting Glass

Glass Engraving


Vitreous Paints


Glue Chipping




Chemical Etching

Ultrasonic Engraving


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Glass Classes by State

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