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Full Fusing - Kiln Firing Schedule

Warm glass kiln firing schedule for Full Fusing.

NOTE: The schedule you use when full fusing should take into consideration the thickness of your piece. It is best to use the manufacturing recomendations. The following steps are what we use on our custom made kiln.

Enter these steps into your kiln.

Step 1: 2 Hrs. to 1000° F

Step 2: 1 Hr. to 1450° F

Step 3: 30 minutes @ 1450° F (soak)

Step 4: 1 minute to 980° F

Step 5: 30 minutes @ 980° F

Step 6: 1 minute to 875° F

Step 7: 30 minutes @ 875° F

Step 8: 1 minute to 775° F

Step 9: 30 minutes @ 775° F

Step 10: Turn Kiln Off

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