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Fused Glass 101

So your looking to get into fused glass? Well then this is the place to start. In this section well tell you the essentials you need to know for warm glass work.

Fused Glass Work

In this section you'll learn.

  • What glass tools do I need?
  • Creative glass techniques.
  • Your kiln and you.

By now I assume you know what fused or warm glass is (if not please check the glass dictionary at the top of this page under F). So lets jump right into it shall we?

What glass tools do I need?

To start out your going to need to purchase a few basic items.

Note: We will be starting a glass product review section soon so we can tell you what tools we think our the best. But for now you can purchase these tools from a list of vendors on the right. However, we have not tested all these products but if you have please send us an email and tell us what you think.

The first and most important tool you will need to buy is a glass cutter. You can't cut glass without it!

Glasscutting tools come in two basic shapes. Pencil grip and pistol grip.

Penci Grip and Pistol Grip Glass Cutters

Pencil Grip and Pistol Grip Glass Cutter

When it comes to the difference between the two there really isn't any. It's just personal preferance. However, the pistol grip cutter requires less hand strength. I would recommend purchasing both types because then you can decide which one feels best for you but also because I'm always misplacing mine and it's good to have another one handy. Especially if one of the tips gets dull.

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