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How To Cut Fused Glass

First off it's really not that hard to learn how to cut fused glass. All you need is a glass cutter, safety glasses, and some fused glass.

There are three different types of hand held glass cutters out there. So when your cutting into that sweet new sheet of Bullseye or Spectrum glass you can do it with either a pistol grip glass cutter, a pencil grip cutter, or a carbide steel wheel cutter. I would use either the pencil grip or pistol grip. Though it's a matter of taste when it comes to deciding which. If your looking to make free flowing lines than you might want to go with the pencil grip. But if you feel that your lacking in forearm and hand strength than you might want to buy the pistol grip.

Now glass scoring and breaking can be a common problem for beginners in the fused glass field. To make sure that you are cutting your piece properly take a minute to inspect the glass sheet after you’ve scored it. Your score should appear as a clean white line. If you can hardly see your score mark then you didn’t apply enough pressure. However if your glass score appears gritty or has small chips then you have applied too much pressure.

Learn how to cut fused glass with these 6 essential tips.

1.Don't sit when cutting glass. It's better to stand because you should use your whole body and not just your wrist. Cutting properly involves using your arm and shoulders as well.

Picture of Pencil Grip Glass Cutter

Pictured above is a pencil grip glass cutter.
2.Measure twice cut once. The second part of this adage applies to cutting glass. When working with fused glass make sure you never go over the scored line twice. This can dull your cutter and you still won't cut the glass. If you need to try flipping the glass over and cutting on the other side.

3.Out, out damn spot! The cleaner your glass the better. Dusty and dirty glass can make your glass cutting a pain. Unlike Macbeth you don't have to obsess over the cleanliness of your glass. However, giving it a quick wipe down will make cutting your fused glass much easier.

4.Don't rock the boat! In the fused glass world allowing your glass cutter to wobble won't help. Neither will jerky starts and stops. Cut your glass in one smooth and graceful movement.

Picture of Pistol Grip Glass Cutter

The above picture is of a pistol grip glass cutter. Unlike the pencil grip this tool requires less hand strength.

5.It may sound simple but a proper work surface is key when it comes to cutting warm glass. Make sure the table you work on is firm, level, and clean. Having a clean area also helps when it comes to safety because there is less of chance that a glass shard will be lying there to cut you.

6.Oil? Did you know that oil can be used to help cut glass? Well, now you do! Lubricate the head of your glass cutter with just a touch of oil. This will help keep the wheel from freezing up when you make you score line. However, if you are too generous with the oil remember to clean up your warm glass before putting it in the kiln.

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