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What would you like to do? Blow Glass? Make your own kiln wash? Learn how to make your own glass frit? This page is a place to find step-by-step instructions on how to do just about everything glass related. Learn how to fuse glass, how to print on glass, etc. Be sure to check back often for more information!

How to make glass frit - The Pipe Crushing method for making glass frit.

How to blow glass - Learn the basics of glassblowing here.

Use your kiln to make glass frit - The Kiln method for making frit.

How to test glass compatibility - The Freezer test.

How to make kiln wash - Keep your art from sticking to the kiln shelf with your very own homemade kiln wash.

Testing Glass Compatibility - The Polarized lens test.

Make frit with the hammer method - It doesn't get any simpler than this.

Test the compatibility of glass - The Base Glass test.

Create depth using dichroic glass - Learn about dichroic glass.

How to cut glass - Learn 6 essential tips that will help improve your fused glass cutting skills.

How to Prevent Glass Bubbles - 3 ways to keep your warm glass work from being ruined by bubbles.

How to Marver Glass - The marver is often overlooked as a great tool for shaping glass.

Why Did the Glass Break? - Learn about the various signs of why your fused glass piece broke and how to spot problems.

How to Make Glass Bubbles - Learn how to intentionally create bubbles in your fused glass work.

How to Keep Your Glass Organized - Keep your glass working area organized with these tips and tricks.

How to Improve Your Glass Blowing Skills - Learn how to bring your hot glass skills up to par.

How to Clean Fused Glass - Cleaning your fused glass before and after firing.

Glass Kiln Safety - What to do and not to do with your kiln.

Prevent Glass Divitrification - Learn how to prevent divitrification from forming on the surface of your glass work.

Old Flameworking Techniques - Excerpt from an 1896 manual By George S. Newth. Flameworking is also known as lampworking or torchworking.

How to Etch Glass - Step-by-Step Instructions on glass etching.

Glass Kiln Safety - Glass kiln safety tips and information.

How to Print on Glass - Information about screen printing on glass and various other methods.

Cheap Glass Art Supplies - Tips on how to save money when buying glass equipment and supplies.

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