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Glass Dictionary I

ice glass: Decorative glassware with an outer surface resembling cracked ice, produced either by plunging white-hot glass briefly into cold water and then reheating and reblowing it or by rolling the hot glass in splinters of glass before reheating in to fuse the splinters to the glass.

imbricated: Arranged so as to overlap, like fish scales.

incising: The technique of cutting or engraving designs and/or inscriptions into the surface of glass.

intaglio: The technique of engraving or wheel-cutting a design below the surface of a glass object, to produce an image in relief where the background is in the highest plane. Known in German as Tiefschnitt (literally, deep carving), the opposite of Hochschnitt.

intercalaire: A process of applying two layers of decoration to a glass object, the first one covered with a glass skin which acts as the surface for the second layer.

iridescence: A rainbow-like effect on a glass surface caused by weathering.

iridized: Glass that has been coated with iridescence.

ivory: A cream or off-white colored opaque glass. Ivory is also at times comparable to light custard-colored glass.

ivrene: A white colored opaque art glass with a light pearl-like transparent iridescent coating.

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