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paraison: The bubble of molten glass formed on the blowpipe after air has been blown into it.

pate-de-verre: Literally, 'glass paste'. A mixture of crushed glass, flux and colour fused together in a mould.

phial: A small glass bottle used for ointments, medicines, and perfumes.

Pillar Cutting: A decorative pattern of cut glass in the form of parallel vertical ribs in symmetrical pillar shapes.

pincers: A tool used for pinching the threading or other ornamentation on an object for decorative effect.

pontil: A solid metal rod used, tipped with a wad or ring of hot glass, to remove a blown object from the blowpipe in order to allow the top to be finished and any other final shaping to be done. When the glass has cooled and solidified it is knocked off the rod, leaving a rough mark, the 'pntil mark'.

Pokal: A style of engraved lidded goblet with a glared bowl, made in Germany from the late seventeenth to the mid-nineteenth century and used for drinking toasts.

porron or porro: A type of drinking veseel with a narrow neck and a long tapering spout but no handle, used in Span for drinking wine by pouring it directly into the mouth.

potash glass: A type of hard glass containing potash (potassium carbonate) derived from plant ash, and suitable for cutting and engraving.

prunt: A blob of glass applied to a glass object as a decoration, and sometimes drawn to a point or impressed with a pattern (raspberry prunt) or a mask (lion's head prunt).

punty rod: metal rod used for fashioning hot glass.

puzzle glass: A glass designed so as to be as difficult as possible to drink from, for use in drinking competitions whereby spilling a drop meant refilling the glass and trying again (thus leading to great drunkenness).

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