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rayed base: A sunburst cut design usually applied to the bottom of glass objects.

reheating: The process of softening a partly-formed object by putting it back into the furnace in order to further shape or rework it.

Roemer: A traditional German drinking vessel with an ovoid bowl, a hollow cylindrical stem decorated with rasberry prunts and a spreading, coiled or blown foot.

Resist: An adhesive-backed material such as vinyl that is used to "mask" or protect select areas of glass when sandblasting or etching.

Rolled Glass: Refers to machine-made flat glass that, as its name implies, is made by molten glass.

Roundels: Hand-spun or machine-pressed circles of glass with smooth finished edges.

Running Pliers: Special pliers that can be used for breaking a straight score on long, narrow strips of glass.

Russelbecher: See claw-beaker.

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