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Glass Bead Release - Product Review

We recently received a bead release formula called K.R.A.G. Mudd and decided to put it to the test.

What They Say - Kittrell Riffkind Art Glass Studio has developed our own bead release formula called K.R.A.G. Mudd. It leaves minimum residue and cleans out easily. Flame or air dry. Available in a ready to use 4 fluid ounce bottle.

Glass Bead Release

What We Say - The verdict on the bead release. This product exceeded expectations for all types of soft glass beads. For those who are as impatient as I (or don't plan ahead either) it flame cured very well. Because of this splendid trait, I was surprised it did not function better with borosilicate beads. I guess the sustained high temperature necessary for boro, (sometimes melts my mandrels) is too much for almost any release product. Altogether, the bead teachers I had try it, rate it exceptional for all but specialized boro bead making. It's very easy to clean out of the bead. Highly recommended.

Also we found this quote from the Kittrell Riffkind Art Glass Studio website to be quite relevant -

"I have been meaning to e-mail you to tell how much I LOVE your KRAG mudd! I love how I don't have to mix it every time I use it (like I had to do with Sludge). It is the perfect consistency! It is easy to clean out of my beads and it is easier to get my beads off my mandrels. I have told several other glass artists about it. I hope you will continue making this wonderful Mudd because I will never use any other release than yours. Thanks again for having such a great product!!" Nikki Kellough Buchner, MO

Out of 5 stars Memories-In-Glass.com gives it a 4.5. It's that good!

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