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Glass Safety

When it comes to working with glass one needs to be extra careful, so as not to harm themselves or others working near you.

Glass Safety Equipment

The following is a list of safety issues to keep in mind while working with the medium of glass.

  • When working with glass powders be sure to wear a mask. Glass particles can easily be stirred up into the air and inhailed.
  • Make sure to wear safety glasses at all times when grinding your glass piece. Pieces of glass can be shot into the air from your work and enter your eye causing serious damge.
  • Do not keep food or drink next to you when you our working with glass. The food can easily be contaminated as particles land on it.
  • While working with blown glass make sure not to wear flip flops or any opened toes shoe. Also if you have long hair make sure to pull it back. If you are wearing jewlery make sure to remove it because the heat of the furnace can cause the metal to heat rapidly and burn your skin.

Basicaly when working with glass be sure to use common sense and take extra precautions to avoid any unwanted injuries. But then again who ever wants to have an injury?!

For safety tips when it comes to using your glass fusing kiln check out glass kiln safety.

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