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tank: A large ceramic-lined holding vessel constructed in a furnace for melting a batch of glass.

Tallow: Wax candle used to rub on the joints of lead before soldering.

Tapping: A technique that assists the breaking of glass by using the ball end of a cutter. The glass is tapped from underneath.

tazza: Literally, cup. A shallow ornamental cup or dish on a stemmed foot, usually used for displaying food such as fruit and sweetmeats.

thread: A thin strand of glass as used in filigree, trailed or combed decoration.

Tiesfschnitt: See intaglio.

Tinning: Melting a flat coating of solder over copper foil.

tooling: Softened or molten glass that is shaped by various glassmakers' tools while it is being rotated on a blowpipe or pontil.

trailing: The process of laying threads of hot glass object to form a decorative pattern.

trembleuse: A cup and saucer in which the cup fits into a projecting ring or well in the saucer, so that spillage of the contents by a shaky hand is avoided.

twist: A decorative device in the stems of eighteenth-century drinking glasses, produced by twisting a glass rod in which were embedded columns of air (air twists) or threads of white or coloured glass (cottone-twists, colour-twists0, or a mixture of the three, to give elaborate corkscrew patterns.

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