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Glass Dictionary V

variant: A glass item that differs slightly from the standard version or original form.

veneer: An outer layer of colored glass added to the surface of clear glass.

vari-baluster stem: A stem of varying sizes.

Venetian Glass: Clear and colored glassware produced in Venice, Italy and the surrounding area from the eleventh century to the present.

Vetro: Italian term for glass.

vetro a fili: Literally, threaded glass. A type of filigree decoration in which clear glass has a pattern in continuous uncrossing lines.

vetro a reticello: Literally, glass with a small network. A type of filigree decoration in which clear glass has a pattern of embedded threads in a diagonal, criss-crossing arrangement.

vetro a retorti: Litterally, glass with twists. A type of filigree decoration in which intricately twisted threads are embedded in clear glass in parallel lines.

Victorian Glass: English-made glass from about the 1820s through the 1940s characterized by bright colors, opalescence, opaqueness, art glass, and unusual designs and shapes.

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